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Estate Agents Authority

  Property valuation in Mainland China

OA International Holdings (Singapore)

  Annual cocktail party

Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants

  Business credit risk portfolio setup and management   

Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants

  How to expand your service line through valuation?

CPA Australia

  1.Purchase price allocation – Implications for M&A and accounting
2.Understanding & Application of Commercial Credit Risk Portfolio Management

Mines & Money Hong Kong 2015

  1.The Asian Mining Sector - A Consultant's Perspective

2.Working with the HKEx, ASX and SGX on natural resources transactions


Crowe Horwath

Valuation Know-how

Mines & Money Hong Kong 2014

1.Pump and Dump: Fraud and Lawsuits in the Mining Industry
2.Challenges of Investing in Asian Markets: Importance of Understanding the Business Culture together with the Technicalities  
05/2013 CPA Australia  

Implications  of the revised JORC  CODE 2012


Mines & Money Hong Kong 2013


Technical reporting best practice to prepare for a listing in Hong Kong


Coaltrans Financing & Investing in Coal


Ensuring accurate project valuation – Key challenges and strategies

08/2012 CPA Australia  

Mineral Asset Valuation

03/2012 Mines & Money Hong Kong 2012  
1.Valuation: Understanding Differing Approaches and Factors Unique to Mining Projects
2.Meeting the Challenges of Valuation in a Volatile Market

Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants


Mineral Asset Valuation in Hong Kong

08/2011 Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretary   Mining Industry in Hong Kong and the related compliance requirements
08/2011 CPA Australia  

Mineral Asset Valuation

06/2011 Mines & Money Beijing 2011  
1.Mining Company &  Project Valuation
2.Valuing Mining Projects; What are the Fundamentals?

Mines & Money Hong Kong 2011

  Mining Company &  Project Valuation 101
07/2010 PricewaterhouseCoopers   Mine for Investors/Listed Companies: Important Technical Issues and Latest HKEx Updates



Mine for Investors/Listed Companies: Important Technical Issues and Latest HKEx Updates



Roma Group is always striving to share our professional valuation and technical advisory experience and knowledge on mining to the industry people.   We have been cooperating with different professional parties for mineral assets valuation seminar,  if you would like to co-organize seminar with us or speak for valuation and technical advisory related seminars, please contact

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