Purchase Price Allocation


The international financial reporting standards designate strict guidelines for the business combination. Purchase price allocation serves to enhance the transparency of the activity processes and identify the true value of the assets.


Purchase price allocation (also known as “Assets and Liabilities Valuation”) is the process of assigning fair values to all major assets and liabilities of an enterprise, either following a merger or an acquisition. Assets included can either be tangible (machineries & equipment, property) or intangible (customer lists, patents, trademarks, intellectual property, goodwill or other intangibles).


Roma Appraisals has served numerous listed companies as assigned. Our expertise in the machinery & equipment and real estate valuations allows us to provide a single, coordinated source for asset allocation and goodwill impairment testing services at a reasonable cost. Our analysts have extensive experience in measuring goodwill arising from a business combination in various industries and geographical locations.