Financial Instruments Valuation

Roma Appraisals keeps latest accounting standards, particularly in the financial instruments aspect. For instance, the latest accounting standards stipulate that the fair value of a financial instrument must be assessed at the grant date. Such value has a direct impact on a company's financial position.


Roma Appraisals applies the latest valuation models such as "Black-Scholes-Merton Model", "Binomial-Option Pricing Model" and "Monte Carlo Simulation Method", to compute the fair values of various financial instruments.


The following is an indicative list of financial instruments in which we provide valuation services:


  •    Accumulators / Decumulators
  •    Call and Put Options
  •    Convertible Bonds
  •    Convertible Preference Shares
  •    Equity-Linked Investments
  •    Financial Guarantees
  •    Forward / Futures Contracts
  •    Share Options
  •    Structured Products
  •    Swap Contracts
  •    Warrants